SMA Wysoy Baby Milk Powder 800g

SMA Wysoy Baby Milk Powder 800g
Minimum order amount 6
£17.35 Each (6 to 11)
£17.10 Each (12 to 23)
£16.60 Each (24+)
Soya infant formula from birth onwards - Complete cows' milk free nutrition. SMA a soya based infant formula for babies and young children who are intolerant to cows' milk. It provides complete nutrition in the early months and can be used as the milk part of a mixed diet as your baby gets older. Approved by the Vegetarian Society. Lactose free. Cows' milk protein free. Gluten free. IMPORTANT NOTICE:- Breast milk is best for babies. SMA WYSOY milk free infant formula is intended to meet the nutritional needs of infants and children who are allergic to cows' milk protein or intolerant to lactose or sucrose. Medical guidance should always be sought. Soya Infant formulae are not recommended for premature babies or those with kidney problems

IMPORTANT NOTICE USA CUSTOMERS ONLY  Apologies, due to current USA Customs and FDA legislation, all baby milk is ordered on a non-refundable basis. Please contact USA Customs for further details on what can and can not be sent. Unfortunately, if your items are returned we are unable to offer any refunds for contents or shipping.