Coronavirus Update

We have made this page to explain to our customers some changes we have had to make to Britsuperstore to allow us to open and serve you.

Please do read it in full.

I have decided to re-open our site for orders, and for those of you that have ordered from us in the past know we pride ourselves on giving you, the customer, the absolute best possible service.

We are personal shoppers and due to the volume we purchase at one time, we have been waiting for the UK supermarkets to restock to a point where we can shop for you.

Our team here at British Food Wholesalers have worked hard to ensure that we can all work in a safe environment and this is our top priority. This involves having the appropriate PPE and having fewer staff in the workplace to allow for social distancing.

Orders will, therefore, take longer to process and we hope that you understand this. We may have to limit the quantity of some products that can be purchased. Some of the outlets we purchase from are still not in a position to allow us to shop in the volume we would normally do, so some products are still unavailable to order or have limited quantities available.

We would ask that you do not use the "reorder" function on the site from the "your account" section when you are logged in.

Due to the shortage of some products in the shops, we may have to substitute more items than we have done in the past.

If we can't obtain a box of 160 teabags we may substitute it for 2 X 80 boxes
We may substitute baby food but always for the same brand i.e. "Hipp mango and peach" may be substituted for "Hipp peach and apple".
We will not, however, substitute baby milk brands or one brand of tea for another or different flavour.

Most of the couriers have had to put surcharges on any parcels sent by air - this is usually parcels sent outside of Europe.
We have had to take some courier services off our site and replace them with others.
We have tried to keep the postage as low as possible for you.
Transit times will be longer due to many shops being closed.
There has been a massive increase in online purchases around the world, as families have been in lockdown and have been buying online. The knock-on effect of this is that the courier networks are running slower, and with staff shortages, this has had a big impact on transit times.

We will help you with any parcels that are delayed as always however due to many of the couriers office staff working from home it may take us longer to receive a response - as we have less staff as well this may impact on the level of service we can offer. We feel it is important to be transparent and honest with you; our level of service may be impacted due to these issues. We hope you understand and have patience with us if you choose to order!

Please stay safe.